Kali Vice Hostel

About Us

The Dream Team

Shayan Khalili


Raised in Algarve, the home to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches in the world. After graduating, pursued on a career in entrepreneurship and blending it with my love for the sun and beach, created and crafted today what you know as Kali Vice.

Don Pablo

Head of Security

” Woof, woof! Pet me and I will forever love you! Woof, woof. “




Pooyan Khalili

Co-Founder / Marketing

Growing up, always involved in sports and a healthy lifestyle, inspired me to get my degree in Sport & Exercise Science in Leeds. Now, I am inspired to share my knowledge and expertise to make your stay healthier and more enjoyable! You’ll be seeing a lot of me around, and I can’t wait to meet you!

Pedro Caperta

Surf Coach

Growing up on this side of river Tejo, I’ve been surfing since childhood. I’m a licensed surfer who loves the ocean and shares this love for surfing. I will keep you safe and challenge you to improve on the board in the magic Atlantic sunset.

Daniella Monteiro

Yoga Instructor

Born in Johannesburg, had my first contact with yoga at the age of 21 in a meditational school in Maputo, and the rest is history. Having my certificate recognised by the Yoga Alliance and found my love and aspiration to teach Hatha Yoga to the community.

Dario Rabitto


Born and raised in Sicilia, the love and feel for food has always been in me. As time went by, cooking didn’t become a hobby but a way of living. Tasting and cooking the best there is around the world is what refined me and with all this great knowledge comes great responsibility for me to give you the best dishes you’ve ever tried.